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    Vacation Podcast Share-Experiencing God

    I don’t know how many of you did the study Experiencing God when it was first released in 1990 but I did. It brought a new level in my study of God’s Word and in understanding how God works in our lives. I understood the Holy Spirit better and began to walk in deeper faith. Over the years it has continued to change millions of hearts and now it has been re-released this year including free video access. My women’s life group is going to do this after the first of the year and I cannot wait. I’m excited to see how those who are new to the study will…

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    Read These!

    Read this post from LifeWay Research regarding recruiting volunteers. I’ve used this method for 30 years, so much better than picking people for positions, which I’ve also done! A New Approach to Volunteers: 5 Tips for Getting a “Yes” in a Culture of “No” How’s your leadership heart doing? Find out here from one of my fav podcaster/bloggers Carey Neiuwhof. 7 Early Warning Signs Your Heart Is Growing Hard in Leadership Although leadership is not always fun and easy, when God calls us to do it, we want to do it to the best of our God-given ability even when it’s hard! The amazing blessings of serving are worth any…

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    A New Year…And?

    I just reflected on where my thoughts and heart were this time last year. Here was my new years post then, What’s Ahead. Now I’m looking into 2022 and wondering again what this year will bring. We cannot predict this new year anymore than we could 2021. We aren’t allowed perfect predictions of the future. We have no idea the wonderful experiences we will have, nor the pains and losses. We can make plans, we can dream and pray, but only the Lord sees every day of 2022 completely. So, what do we do? Simply put, yet so profound, is that we trust the sovereignty of The One who does…

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    Christmas Blessings!

    My prayer for each of you is that you end 2021 with joy in your heart, no matter the circumstances you are in this Christmas, knowing our Sovereign Christ understands and has purpose. And I pray you anticipate growing deeper in your walk with the Lord in 2022. May you truly experience His peace over your life this Christmas. Banner photo by Toni Cuenca on Unsplash

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    The Waiting

    I’m in the second week of an Advent study I am doing with my women’s life group, preparing my heart for Christmas. It never gets old to consider the arrival of Christ in the flesh. What if He hadn’t come? I can’t even imagine the feeling of loss and yet, waiting for the promise to be fulfilled in the arrival of the Savior. Imagine the Israelites hearing NOTHING from God for 400 years, Malachi to Matthew! Silence. The most deafening silence they’d probably ever heard. Then…the angels announce the arrival of the baby born miraculously to Mary and Joseph, the long awaited Messiah! Advent means “waiting for the coming of…

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    Lessons From Birds

    I want to share a post my animal rehabber daughter Alycia Neighbours shared on Facebook recently. Today at work I was giving our aviary birds their food and water. One of the items is some fresh berries and I usually cut most to bite-sized pieces. Some of the blueberries were pretty small, so I left them whole. In the aviary are four grackles who recently graduated to flying free in the aviary to prepare them for outside life when it comes time for release. As I put the food down, they all four each grabbed a whole blueberry as if it was the biggest prize of their lives. They chased…

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    Time for Blog Sharing

    Here are a few great posts I wanted to share this week to encourage you to read lots of bloggers’ material. Enjoy! 1. Although I feel all Christians are called to ministry, full time even, I do believe some are called to serve in vocational ministry as a career. Either way, this is a list for all to consider, from LifeWay Voices. Am I Called to Ministry? A Checklist to Consider by Dr. Jason Allen 2. Church is changing at such a fast pace. I love reading Carey’s posts that alert leaders about trends to consider for discovering how God wants our church to reach people in today’s world. 11…

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    Whispers and Shouts

    What gets your attention more: whispers or shouts? We have a beloved Yorkie which is why I chose this banner photo of this breed of dog standing at full attention to whatever He is hearing! (Isn’t he cute??) Of course, a shout can be heard better, but often it’s a whisper that gets our attention, draws us in. We have to lean in to hear a whisper while, often, shouting makes us want to back away from the shout-er! Recently we took our 10 year old Yorkie Mo (lovingly knowing as #MoDawg on social media!) on our first real walk of the season. He went blind in the last year…

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    Unseen Progress

    Remember when you were a kid and you planted a seed in a pot and watched it eventually pop through the soil? It seemed like a long time before seeing any progress, but what you didn’t see was happening below the surface of the dirt. If you watered well and provided a sunny spot to grow, you probably got to see it produce whatever fruit it was…a plant or a flower. It took time, and it took the right environment. The Bible talks quite a lot about seeds and growing plants as related to spiritual growth. The parable of the sower and the seed in Matthew 13, for instance. Luke…

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    Some Helpful Blogs

    Today, I have the privilege of sharing some blogs I have found to be helpful. I believe you will agree with me as you read these. 1.Because social media is just a big part of our culture, we need to use wisdom in how we post, read or interact on these platforms. Eric Geiger shares Proverbs for Consuming and Contributing on Social Media. 2. Have you ever felt the ministry calling in your life is not what you expected? Jeff Martin writes When You’re Disappointed With Your Ministry Assignment for LifeWay Research. 3. Discipling women has been my heartbeat since the Lord led me into women’s ministry 40+ years ago.…