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Good News on Social Media

I began a social media journey while serving at LifeWay as Women’s Ministry Specialist. Not because I wanted to, but because I HAD to!

When I first arrived at this new position in 1994, email was the biggest thing I had to figure out. After 22+ years, technology had progressed in BIG ways!

Since my generation wasn’t raised on the technology of today, it was a continual process of learning…often from younger people I worked with! And, it still is today.

After retirement, I have continued using social media, sometimes to stay connected and know what my friends and family are up to. Other times it’s to serve the Lord and bring His Truth to light. Sometimes it has been for other, not so honorable reasons. And, at times, I’ve regretted, and even deleted, some posts.

Why do you use social media? Here’s a list of reasons I thought of:

  • Connect with family and friends
  • Share opinions
  • Dispute someone else’s opinion
  • Share a biblical thought or scripture
  • Share a post or blog that you think is helpful or educational
  • Criticize someone
  • Take a stand for something
  • Use as a vehicle to share prayer requests and to pray for others
  • Take revenge on someone
  • Offer hope
  • Share what you are reading
  • Share recipes
  • Laugh at your own mishaps

What else would you add?

To be honest, there are days I just don’t read many posts because of the negativity on line. I want to be aware of issues…to a point…but, with that, I want hope and solutions. One commentator I follow daily is Jim Denison. He not only gives news, he offers biblical solutions. You can subscribe to his daily article here.

I’ve written on the issue of social media in the past so I just want to link you today to a post I read from LifeWay Voices, 8 Ways to Use Social Media for Good. I think this is great food for thought, and pray it is as helpful to you as it was to me.

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