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    Grateful for Sacrifice

    What a blessing to be a recipient of those who fought for our freedom and gave their lives. As we remember families who also paid the price for their lost military loved ones, let’s pray for them, express gratefulness for loved one, and thank God for using each one to protect our freedom. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash Banner photo by Ludovic Gauthier on Unsplash

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    If There Is Any Other Way

    Sunday morning we celebrated Easter, so in this follow up post, I want to share something I was reminded of a few days before Easter Sunday.  As I ponder Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, the agony He experienced, I am reminded through the study Navigating Gospel Truth (check last week’s post for more details) of His pain. Author Rebecca McLaughlin took us back to Jeremiah 25:15-29 to show us His agony wasn’t primarily the pain and shame of the cross. That was difficult enough of course! But it was the fact that He would carry the wrath of God for sin so that we don’t have to. This was…

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    As so often happens by “design providence,” I’m flooded with all things Spring and Easter. I’m soaking up every warm sunny day I can. I wrote about spring last week in Hope that Spring Brings. All I can think is, “Behold Him, the one who became our sacrificial lamb once and for all time.” I just finished reading the gospels with my D-group as we’ve journeyed through the Bible chronologically since January 2023. I’ve also been reading a couple of Easter devotionals. Then a couple of weeks ago, I started the study Navigating Gospel Truth by Rebecca McLaughlin. She does such a great job comparing and contrasting the 4 Gospels…

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    The Hope Spring Brings

    Wherever you live, do you see it? The green starting to pop out in the trees? The early flowers showing their beauty? I do! I love getting to enjoy my neighbors peach tree each spring without having to take care of it! Spring is absolutely, hands down my favorite season! I cannot tell you what it does to my soul every single spring. In the winter I feel more lethargic, but let the flowers and trees start to wake up, and so do I! My energy finds a whole new level! I hate to say it, but I spend most of the winter waiting for the spring! After multiple losses last…

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    A Faithful Reflection

    I wanted to share this memorial tribute I had the honor of giving recently for a dear friend and ministry partner who walked into the presence of Jesus February 17. This woman truly reflected the image of Christ. One of the greatest gifts God gave me in ministry was Dr. Rhonda Kelley. When none of us knew much about effective women’s ministry, we were asking the questions and looking for others who were seeking answers. Rhonda was one who, very early, asked how do we effectively reach and disciple women for Christ? I found myself in the early 90s, a lay person in my church in East Texas, actually serving on…

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    Looking Back, Looking Forward, Living Today

    How was your 2023? How will your 2024 be? Last week my post reflected the anticipation of new things as we entered 2024. Please read A “Good” New Thing if you missed it.  This week I want to encourage you to look back and reflect, as I am doing. What were the highs and lows of 2023? I remember wondering early last year what was ahead. I had a few ideas and plans, but I knew it was all in the hands of our sovereign Lord as to how those would pan out. What else would be a part of the 2023 journey? I had some wonderful experiences with family,…

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    A “Good” New Thing

    It’s a new year. How can it be 2024? Wasn’t it just yesterday we turned the calendar to 2023? Maybe, for you, it was a really long year. At my age, every year is fast! (Smile) Yours might have lasted too long and you are glad to turn the calendar to a new year.  Hard, or not so hard, I love turning to new things and anticipating new things. I recently read Isaiah 43:19 as we entered 2024.  This is Isaiah’s prophecy about Israel’s ultimate restoration after continued rebelliousness of the people. Part of the prophecy to Israel was about the hard times they would face as a part of…

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    May you rejoice as you look back over this past year and as you look ahead to the new year. Thank you for sharing my journey with Jesus! Merry Christmas! Blessings to you and your loved ones as you celebrate the coming of our Savior! Inset photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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    Christmas Joy

    This past week my advent study focused on joy. If you missed the last post, you can read Christmas Peace here. As believers we should know that true joy is not based on circumstances but on our position in Christ. I can trust Him and bear His fruit even when my heart is breaking. It’s through surrender this happens. As we stay surrendered to Jesus, he allows our fruit to bring Him honor.  The second thing the writer mentioned as a part of this joy was obedience. I’m sure you know that joy is not what we experience when we are disobedient. God will not allow His children to continue…

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    On That Day

    As I was reading Zechariah 12 this week in my Bible in a Year reading plan, I came across this phrase, “on that day”, over and over. This refers to Judah’s eventual restoration under the Messiah’s rule when He comes back again. Verses 10-14 describe mourning over the pierced Messiah. We know this becomes reality but it also refers to how our disobedience will also cause us to weep and calls for repentance when we do. God taught the nation of Israel this over and over…and often they just didn’t get it. Often neither do we! From judgment to blessing, from being scattered to being restored, Israel would return to…