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    May you rejoice as you look back over this past year and as you look ahead to the new year. Thank you for sharing my journey with Jesus! Merry Christmas! Blessings to you and your loved ones as you celebrate the coming of our Savior! Inset photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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    Christmas Joy

    This past week my advent study focused on joy. If you missed the last post, you can read Christmas Peace here. As believers we should know that true joy is not based on circumstances but on our position in Christ. I can trust Him and bear His fruit even when my heart is breaking. It’s through surrender this happens. As we stay surrendered to Jesus, he allows our fruit to bring Him honor.  The second thing the writer mentioned as a part of this joy was obedience. I’m sure you know that joy is not what we experience when we are disobedient. God will not allow His children to continue…

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    On That Day

    As I was reading Zechariah 12 this week in my Bible in a Year reading plan, I came across this phrase, “on that day”, over and over. This refers to Judah’s eventual restoration under the Messiah’s rule when He comes back again. Verses 10-14 describe mourning over the pierced Messiah. We know this becomes reality but it also refers to how our disobedience will also cause us to weep and calls for repentance when we do. God taught the nation of Israel this over and over…and often they just didn’t get it. Often neither do we! From judgment to blessing, from being scattered to being restored, Israel would return to…

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    New Year’s Blessings

    Thank you for reading my posts in the past. I am so grateful if anything the Lord is teaching me ministers to you. Truly, what you read is not what I’ve mastered, but what He is teaching me, often for the hundredth time! I pray that this coming year, the Lord will use me to continue serving and encouraging you. No matter what we face in the months ahead, glorious joy or the depth of despair, Jesus will walk with us through it all. We will be changed, and we will become stronger in our faith, if we will trust Him completely, even in pain and fear. We will learn…

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    My Soul’s Longing

    Something occurred to me recently regarding why I want others to know Jesus and why my heart for discipleship has been a calling now for about 40 years or so. Because it was quite a few years between my salvation and the first time someone personally discipled me and showed me how to grow in Christ, I do not want that to be the story for other new believers. Some days, even during difficult seasons, my time with the Lord just causes my soul to soar and all I can think is, “I so want others to experience this satisfying joy.” A joy that transcends earthly concerns and pain. The…

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    Who Hates Disruptions?

    Task oriented people like me! You know, gotta get the job done…today…now! No matter what. What about you? All of us have experienced them. Most of us do not like them. Over 2 years ago the entire world experienced disruption to life as we had known it. In addition to the pandemic, many others also experienced a disruption in their good health, close relationships, face-to-face community we relied on, satisfying jobs, and income that goes with that. And this is the short list. Some experienced continual losses, one after another, along with, and in the middle of, the pandemic. But, what if, for whatever reason, this was God’s plan for…

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    Getting the Job Done

    I bet many of you reading this post are “get’er done” types. You know, you have a vision, hear a suggestion, get an idea, or see a need and right away, you start strategizing how to get a desired job done. As a believer, our goal is to hear from the Lord daily to get our marching orders rather than just put together our own agenda to accomplish for the day. Being BIG on to do lists and crossing things off, I find myself sometimes doing just that. It’s my idea, worked out in my power. And you know what, it often just feels like a job, not a way…

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    The Waiting

    I’m in the second week of an Advent study I am doing with my women’s life group, preparing my heart for Christmas. It never gets old to consider the arrival of Christ in the flesh. What if He hadn’t come? I can’t even imagine the feeling of loss and yet, waiting for the promise to be fulfilled in the arrival of the Savior. Imagine the Israelites hearing NOTHING from God for 400 years, Malachi to Matthew! Silence. The most deafening silence they’d probably ever heard. Then…the angels announce the arrival of the baby born miraculously to Mary and Joseph, the long awaited Messiah! Advent means “waiting for the coming of…

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    Will We Ever Get There?

    Do you remember as a child on a long trip ever asking this question? Didn’t the trip seem endless. You ride and ride and with each hill or corner, there’s still miles of road ahead to drive to get to your destination? As a child, when my family drove to visit family in west Texas, my sister and I used to count water towers! It did help to pass the time! Have you ever asked this same question about the prayers of your heart? When will we get there? To the answer, the resolution, the healing. We ask this about prayers we’ve prayed for YEARS. Sometimes we think the Lord…

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    Indescribable Joy

    Sometimes during the holidays I really miss not having parents to “go home to”, but I love being the parent my kids and grandkids come to for the holidays. Just once in a while I wish I still had parents too! Our last parent died in 2009, but it was several years before that when we stopped having a parent’s home to return to for family get togethers. So, holidays include both joy and a bit of sadness. Today I read Mark 12:24-25 a new way, “Jesus spoke to them, “Isn’t this the reason why you’re mistaken: you don’t know the Scriptures or the power of God? For when they…