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Sharing Our Prodigal Story

Just a week or so ago, my daughter and I had the privilege to share our “prodigal” story on Leighann McCoy’s new podcast. One thing I’ve experienced over many years of teaching women is how God encourages ME when I get to remember what He has done and tell others of His work. I’ve witnessed His faithfulness in every single tough situation He has allowed into my life.

One of those stories was the topic that Leighann asked me to share on this podcast, The Power of Praying Momma‚Äôs: Praying your Prodigal Home. I asked her if she would like for me to ask my daughter to also be on the podcast to share her perspective of this journey. She said “absolutely!” I knew Alycia would be willing to share about running from God and family, and I must admit, she was amazing. It was such a gift to share our journey together with the podcast listeners.

My main goal in being involved in women’s ministry for 40+ years is to take women along on my own discipleship journey of growing in my walk with Christ. As I’ve studied the Word of God and experienced His love and faithfulness, I’ve been compelled to share His Truths with others.

During this COVID year, my opportunities to speak to groups of women and teach outside my own church, came to a screeching halt. This podcast reminded me of this reason I love to teach…lifting up the name of Jesus and testifying of His love and goodness. I am always strengthened when I talk about His work in my own stories. You too will be strengthened each time you tell your stories of faith and share the truth of His Word.

So, in this week’s blog post I just want to encourage you to listen to this podcast, subscribe to Leighann’s podcasts, and remind you to tell your story as you lift His name up every opportunity you have.

Banner photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash


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