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Who Hates Disruptions?

Task oriented people like me! You know, gotta get the job done…today…now! No matter what. What about you?

All of us have experienced them. Most of us do not like them. Over 2 years ago the entire world experienced disruption to life as we had known it. In addition to the pandemic, many others also experienced a disruption in their good health, close relationships, face-to-face community we relied on, satisfying jobs, and income that goes with that. And this is the short list. Some experienced continual losses, one after another, along with, and in the middle of, the pandemic.

But, what if, for whatever reason, this was God’s plan for our world, our nation, and even us individually for some unseen purpose we still do not fully understand? If we understand at all! Would we still trust God if we knew that although He is sovereign and could have stopped any of these difficulties, He didn’t?

For followers of Christ, we do know this, and we do have hope, no matter what, because our hope is based on a person who died for us and now lives to be with us. But that doesn’t mean it is easy to walk through hard times.

I just finished reading Divine Disruption: Holding on to Faith When Life Breaks Your Heart by Dr. Tony Evans and his children: Crystal Evans Hurst, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony Evans, and Jonathan Evans.

I don’t know how well you know any of these authors, but after reading this book and walking through their journey, I feel as though they have been transparent and real as they share their struggles and their hope. I know them all better now and I see very clearly where their strength comes from. Such a sweet reminder for me personally…and I am sure it will be for you as well.

One of the things Dr. Evans writes is that perhaps this pandemic will stir the world to experience a “divine reset” instead of rejecting our sovereign Lord. Maybe it’s a divine reset for each of us individually depending on what God wants us to know about Him, and depending on how respond in this difficult time in history, both personally and globally.

My encouragement to you today is to get a copy of this book and dive in, sit on its truths, and allow the Holy Spirit speak to your current situation as you read.

Banner photo by Maria Lysenko on Unsplash

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