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As so often happens by “design providence,” I’m flooded with all things Spring and Easter. I’m soaking up every warm sunny day I can. I wrote about spring last week in Hope that Spring Brings. All I can think is, “Behold Him, the one who became our sacrificial lamb once and for all time.”

I just finished reading the gospels with my D-group as we’ve journeyed through the Bible chronologically since January 2023. I’ve also been reading a couple of Easter devotionals. Then a couple of weeks ago, I started the study Navigating Gospel Truth by Rebecca McLaughlin.

She does such a great job comparing and contrasting the 4 Gospels and understanding the truth in the varying accounts. One of my favorite parts is that at all four Gospels mention the women who were at the cross and the resurrection! 

Even the life group lesson I am preparing to teach Sunday is based on the sermon from last Sunday that included the message of the gospel! Our guest preacher was J. John and his message was from John 3:1-16! So, I’ve seen the gospel of Christ EVERYWHERE! 

Now, these warm days add to the whole theme of “hope” as we focus on the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, and even more important, the power of His resurrection. Where would we be without it? The word that comes into my mind is “desolate.” And, yet, because of Easter, we get to see a better way to live: forgiveness for our past, strength and peace today, and hope for our future forever with Jesus, as pastor J. John preached. 

There is always something to learn and a place to go deeper in our spiritual journeys. This old story of salvation never ever gets old and always speaks new truth. I must ask myself, and I encourage you to ask yourself, what am I learning and who else needs to know?

When I read the book of Acts, which follows the Gospels and I’ve just begun studying this week, I’m challenged and convicted by the boldness I see in the apostles as the Holy Spirit filled the believers with His eternal presence. I’m praying for Acts boldness! Maybe you need to pray that as well! 

Thank you, Jesus, for your loving sacrifice, and that your story never gets old!

Banner photo by Pisit Heng on Unsplash

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