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A “Good” New Thing

It’s a new year. How can it be 2024? Wasn’t it just yesterday we turned the calendar to 2023? Maybe, for you, it was a really long year. At my age, every year is fast! (Smile) Yours might have lasted too long and you are glad to turn the calendar to a new year. 

Hard, or not so hard, I love turning to new things and anticipating new things. I recently read Isaiah 43:19 as we entered 2024. 

This is Isaiah’s prophecy about Israel’s ultimate restoration after continued rebelliousness of the people. Part of the prophecy to Israel was about the hard times they would face as a part of seeking restoration. 

I believe it’s true that God does new things in our lives as we follow Him year after year after year. Some are easy to walk through, others, not so much. But each thing is designed and allowed by God to show us who He is and deepen our faith.

A week ago, the last Sunday of December was New Year’s Eve.  We sang the song Good Plans in worship. What a marvelous thing to ponder and believe. Take time to listen to the words.

My goal is to claim this truth as I enter 2024, no matter what. How about you join me in this goal? Let’s stand on this truth every day in 2024 as we grow deeper in our walk with Jesus. If we do this well, we can get excited about new things He will bring our way, even if the journey to walk through them is not so easy. 

He IS good, and He has good plans! Listen to the song. Sing the words believing He truly is good. f you want a little more encouragement, listen to Ruth Chou Simons’ The Gracelaced Podcast, Season 8, Episode 1, Preach to Yourself: Truth for Burdened Hearts.

Banner photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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