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Knowing God’s Will Part 7: Lessons From Experiencing God 

How does God speak into our lives today? In the Old Testament it was through burning bushes, prophets, casting lots, loud wind & gentle whispers. In the Gospels, God spoke through Jesus. From Acts to today He began speaking through the Holy Spirit. Remember…the most important thing is not how He spoke but that He spoke!

God speaks in ways we can understand so we know Him & His plan. Sometimes I miss the fact that He wants a personal love relationship with me (See Reality 2) when I’m seeking His will about something. I focus on the earthly answer more than Him! See below words from Henry Blackaby. 

As God speaks, we must always pass it through the lens of Scripture. Even if our circumstances & other believers guide us a different direction than His Truth, we must defer to what He says in Scripture. This is why reading the Bible is crucial to hearing His voice. Perhaps He revealed a truth but not a next step. Then it’s just not time to act. Keep watching. Wait for Him to show you at least one next step before moving forward. BUT remember, when He shows you a step, respond immediately!

Although prayer doesn’t give us supernatural power or necessarily convince God to change our circumstances, it does prepare us to be involved in what God is doing. He was already working when He called Noah to build an ark & Abram to leave his homeland. He was working & revealing something about Himself. We must align our lives to God’s purposes so that His power works through us. As we read Scripture & call on Him in prayer, He is already working His will out in our lives. 

Even before they call, I will answer; while they are still speaking, I will hear. (Isaiah 65:24) 

I had already planned out my purpose in life to be a wife & mom, that’s it. I had to hear from God to align my heart & desires to His, even if I had no idea what it would be. He was already working whether I knew it or not. He wants to accomplish through me His plan in His way. It’s true for you too!

Next, Part 8 as we dig more into Reality 4.

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