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Spiritual Game Changers Part 2

Two weeks ago I started this list with #1-5 in Spiritual Game Changers Part 1. Please scroll back to read that first if you missed it. Here are the last 5:

  1. Praying to love God’s Word-if you struggle to get into scripture daily, and yet you see others who can’t wait to study the Bible, pray for that passion. Jesus wants us to hunger desperately for His Truth.
  2. Daily time with the Lord-no matter the season of life you are in, find some way to get quiet before Him and allow Him to speak into your heart. Read scripture, no matter how much or how little you read. Pray and ask God to reveal to you the truth you need that very day.
  3. Understanding the sovereignty of God-ask Him to show you clearly that He, alone, is sovereign over every single part of our world and certainly of our lives…even those things that do not make sense!
  4. Be okay with the mystery of God-pray and study scripture to know God more for long as you breathe, but do not think you will ever know everything! He is more than our minds can conceive even when we spend a lifetime seeking to know Him more.
  5. Choosing truth from scripture-with all the choices of “truth” today at our very fingertips, if that truth does not line up with scriptural truth, follow scripture every time! It is the only truth that is always and forever truth!

What else would you add? A lifetime is not long enough to get to know the One Who knows us best and loves us most!

Banner photo by Jose Castillo on Unsplash, inset photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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