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    A New View

    After living 30 years in a 37 year old house, we finally replaced the windows! We have some big windows, which sold me on this house due to all the natural sunlight. But we never realized how cloudy the old ones were until the new windows were installed. The difference is amazing…going from  double panes with lots of cross bars in the glass that can’t be cleaned, and needed it, to clear views that look like there is no glass at all. I feel like I can reach out and touch the trees! Because I love being outside and seeing animals behind our house, it feels almost like our den…

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    A Rocky 2024?

    How’s 2024 so far? Is it what you thought it would be? It has not been for me, in several ways. If you read my posts regularly you’ve seen some of my unexpected experiences. I’ve begun to wonder if this is how it will be all year!  But God gave me the song “Good Plans” the first of the year and I decided I’d seek to find the good plan in whatever God allowed this year. I just didn’t think I’d have do it this soon! Instead of dreading what is next, I’m seeking to believe His good plans and ask the Lord what He wants to teach me. What…

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    Conversation Starters for Grandparents

    Have you ever struggled to begin and engage in conversation with your grandchildren or great grandchildren? Me too. I’ve done more wrong than right in my attempts. I’m linking you to a post I wrote for LifeWay Women Conversation Starters to Ask Your Grandchildren. Enjoy and add more questions to this list! Banner photo by Juliane Liebermann on Unsplash

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    Delayed Gratitude

    This week, I want to rejoice in a 3 year delay in celebrating our 50th anniversary on a cruise. We planned this cruise for 2021, but ships weren’t sailing at that time due to COVID. Our 50th was celebrated, just not as we had planned! We actually discovered a new favorite beach on Captiva Island, Florida that year! This year, for our 53rd anniversary, we made the cruise with several of our friends and had the best time. For me anticipation is half the fun! I love to plan ahead and wait for something to happen. But, I must say, the week we were to leave, a major winter storm…

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    Looking Toward the End

    For me January is filled with lots of  reflecting and anticipating. You probably noticed this from my previous 2 posts! Look back to the two earlier posts this year! As I was finishing up the study The Wonder of Advent in December and looking into the second coming of Christ as we read Revelation 20, a new connection was made for me regarding our struggles and Christ’s coming back one day.  The study of God’s Word continues to show me new ways to understand who He is, how He works, and how He works through us! This is why we NEVER stop studying scripture! Maybe you needed to read that…

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    Looking Back, Looking Forward, Living Today

    How was your 2023? How will your 2024 be? Last week my post reflected the anticipation of new things as we entered 2024. Please read A “Good” New Thing if you missed it.  This week I want to encourage you to look back and reflect, as I am doing. What were the highs and lows of 2023? I remember wondering early last year what was ahead. I had a few ideas and plans, but I knew it was all in the hands of our sovereign Lord as to how those would pan out. What else would be a part of the 2023 journey? I had some wonderful experiences with family,…

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    A “Good” New Thing

    It’s a new year. How can it be 2024? Wasn’t it just yesterday we turned the calendar to 2023? Maybe, for you, it was a really long year. At my age, every year is fast! (Smile) Yours might have lasted too long and you are glad to turn the calendar to a new year.  Hard, or not so hard, I love turning to new things and anticipating new things. I recently read Isaiah 43:19 as we entered 2024.  This is Isaiah’s prophecy about Israel’s ultimate restoration after continued rebelliousness of the people. Part of the prophecy to Israel was about the hard times they would face as a part of…

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    Christmas Joy

    This past week my advent study focused on joy. If you missed the last post, you can read Christmas Peace here. As believers we should know that true joy is not based on circumstances but on our position in Christ. I can trust Him and bear His fruit even when my heart is breaking. It’s through surrender this happens. As we stay surrendered to Jesus, he allows our fruit to bring Him honor.  The second thing the writer mentioned as a part of this joy was obedience. I’m sure you know that joy is not what we experience when we are disobedient. God will not allow His children to continue…

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    On That Day

    As I was reading Zechariah 12 this week in my Bible in a Year reading plan, I came across this phrase, “on that day”, over and over. This refers to Judah’s eventual restoration under the Messiah’s rule when He comes back again. Verses 10-14 describe mourning over the pierced Messiah. We know this becomes reality but it also refers to how our disobedience will also cause us to weep and calls for repentance when we do. God taught the nation of Israel this over and over…and often they just didn’t get it. Often neither do we! From judgment to blessing, from being scattered to being restored, Israel would return to…

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    Christmas Peace

    Whenever I’m asked, “What’s your favorite name for God,” without hesitation I say, “Prince of Peace.” I praise Him for many other attributes, but this one comes to the top of my mind immediately. Perhaps it’s because I not only have peace with God eternally through Christ, but I also have experienced unexplainable peace on earth in some of my life’s toughest circumstances.  I’ve just started LifeWay Women’s The Wonder of Advent study to prepare my heart to focus more fully on Christ during the hurry of Christmas. This week’s topic is hope. That’s the foundation for my peace, and I’m thinking it may be yours as well. I’m also reminded…