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Knowing God’s Will Part 14: Lessons From Experiencing God

Ever feel like you just need a second chance? So did Moses, David and Peter! 

God often gives second chances. Moses made mistakes but delivered Israel to the edge of Canaan. Abraham lied about who Sarah was. Jonah ran from God’s assignment. David committed adultery. Peter denied Christ. Saul persecuted Christians. God used each one for His purpose anyway. But, consequences of our sin can be very costly. Moses got to see the Promised Land, but did not get to enter it because he dishonored God in front of all Israel. God still uses us even if we mess up but He desires our quick obedience.

Blackaby said, When God sees that I am faithful and obedient in a little, He will entrust me with more. Progressively God reveals to us who He is and takes us to a deeper level of trust as He brings new Truth to us, but only when we are ready for more. Though Abraham lied about Sarah out of fear, twice by the way, he later immediately took Isaac to sacrifice because God said to. 

God allows challenges in life that match our character and relationship with Him. As God gives us enough to implement what He has said, our obedience allows us to experience His faithfulness and the fulfillment of His promises. He reveals more of who He is as we focus on His word and obey what He says.

I AM is how God revealed Himself to Moses. Search the I AM statements of Jesus below. Which means the most to you? 

Caution: Don’t become impatient or distracted, or sidetracked by opportunities that cause you to lose sight of God’s ultimate goal for you. Don’t let impatience cause you to jump ahead of God or discouragement cause you to lag behind.

What we focus on most influences our lives: Christ or our problems, personal goal or God’s purpose? As you walk where He leads, focus on Him and His Truth.

Overall, God wants a love relationship with you. An assignment can last a lifetime, or we may have many different assignments over time. Every assignment God gives us is important no matter how big or small. All assignments are designed with one purpose: to grow our relationship with Him. So do anything He asks, and He will do more than you ever dreamed of. He will not set you up to fail, but He will set you up to know Him, and obey Him, if you follow Him as Lord.

As you grow closer to Him, He accomplishes God-sized tasks through you that only He can do. When we boast in Him, not our own abilities, God gets the glory and the world will know Him. Paul said, …Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord. (1 Corinthians 1:31)

If you have never gone through the study Experiencing God, I cannot recommend it enough! It is life-changing when you understand the principles of how God works! 

If you missed any of this series, please see Knowing God’s Will Series.

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