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Knowing God’s Will Part 5: Lessons From Experiencing God

Do you ever miss being a part of what God is doing around you? Since God is working everywhere around us (Reality 1), how do we know when we are supposed to be a part of His work? We want to serve, but where? 

Since this is part of a series, if you are just now reading, please check out parts 1-4 in this series, Knowing God’s Will that lead to part 5.

Reality 3

Because God pursues a love relationship with us that is real and personal (reality 2), He desires that we become a part of His work on earth. The call to a relationship with Him is a call to be about His mission! If we ever wonder what our purpose is, we must ask God since He knows why He created us and He knows every step in that plan. 

Too many times, I plan, and then pray. Reversing that, praying and then planning, helps me see where God is working and inviting me to be a part of His work. He does so much more in and through me than I could ever do following my plan! 

He has created every one of us with a specific Kingdom plan. So what about the rest of life, not related to my serving Jesus? There is no other life for a Christian…every single day is about His kingdom plan for our lives. This is how we actually “experience God!”

On may own, I would have NEVER planned the life I’ve lived! My small plans would never have included “kingdom” work! And especially vocational kingdom work! He calls all of us to serve Him, some vocationally, some not. I’d never even given it a thought! I was just making plans for my future thinking I had to figure it out myself.

Unless He gets my attention to His plan, my gifts would determine what I would do. He certainly gives us gifts to use for His glory, but He also calls us to do things we cannot do through our giftedness so that He can work through us to do things we are not equipped to do! He shapes us into the instrument He desires to accomplish His purpose.

The closer we walk with Jesus (remember reality 2!) the more often we know who He is and we recognize His Truth. Because He created us and loves us so much, He never makes His will hard to find. But we must nurture our relationship with Him so we grow more in tune with His voice. The closer we walk with Him, the more receptive we are to His Truth.

Are you moldable? Or do you, like I have done, tell God what you can do for Him, well, since you know how to do__________  (fill in the blank). 

Where is He asking you to join Him in His work? If you have no idea, spend time with Him. Get to know Him and ask Him to speak. Watch where He leads! Then be mold-able! Let Him shape you as you serve Him. 

Lord, help us know you and hear from you. May we see where you are working and inviting u to join. Make us moldable and be glorified as you work through us.

Banner photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

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