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How many days a week do you feel blessed? 5 out of 7? 2 out of 7? 7 out of 7? 

Something new stood out for me as I read (AGAIN) the story of Abraham’s life. It’s a simple verse in Genesis 24.

Abraham was now old, getting on in years, and the LORD had blessed him in everything.” 

Genesis 24:1

At first glance, it doesn’t appear to be more than a simple comment about Abraham, but something stood out to me that hadn’t before. As I reflected on what he had already experienced as he followed God in obedience, I thought, “EVERYTHING?”

What about leaving his homeland and family to go, well “somewhere” God would lead. Would you feel blessed? What about seeing the evil in Sodom and Gomorrah, begging God to save the righteous ones living there, and watching these cities and all their inhabitants destroyed in front of his eyes Blessed? What about facing infertility for YEARS to have a promised son who would be the father of the nation Israel. Isaac was born when Abraham was 100! And what about almost sacrificing this promised boy on an altar? Blessed?

I don’t think these experiences would make me feel as though God had blessed me. When I was facing infertility, I certainly didn’t feel blessed. I see now the blessing God provided through the adoption of twin daughters (who have now given us multitudes of grands and great grands!) 

Today as I was deep cleaning our bedroom, I mean DEEP top to bottom cleaning, blessed wouldn’t be the first thing I thought of as I was doing it. You know, those hard to reach, hidden dusty nooks and crannies that hadn’t been cleaned in, well, let’s just say a loooong time.

But as I sat down, exhausted, I thought of the blessing of having a home. Blessed that I had furniture that had to be moved to reveal those corners filled with dust bunnies. 

If Abraham was blessed throughout his long life, filled with those not so fun days, and questions about what God would ask of him to do next, or how He would work out a dilemma that made no sense, then shouldn’t I see blessings no matter what I am facing?

If you believe Romans 8:28, you would have to answer yes. And if you aren’t familiar with this verse, I encourage you to look it up in your Bible, highlight it, and stand on its truth. Then read verses 29-30 to see the goal in “ALL things”! 

We may never know how all of life’s experiences are “blessed”, but we can trust Jesus who does, and who promises to bring good. If you want to read more posts where I reference Romans 8:28 and how it brings peace, just search that verse on my site search button. 

Banner photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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