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It’s All His Anyway

How do you feel when your pastor talks about tithing, or giving above the tithe? Once, many years ago, I cringed each time our pastor talked about this “sensitive” subject. Today, I feel so different about it. It’s such a joy to give. I’ve seen what a corporate body of Christ can to do together as we give to further the Kingdom and minister to others.

Recently I blogged for LifeWay Women on this very subject. So, today I encourage you to bounce over to this link to read this post under the heading of The Reference Desk: Why We Tithe.

I pray it encourages you wherever you are about the subject of giving to the Lord…as we know, He owns it all anyway! And remember, money is not the only thing we give to the Lord…He wants all of us, our time, our talents, our resources, our giftedness…to be used for His glory!

Banner photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

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