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Beach Blessings Big and Small

Every time I go to the beach, God uses the time to teach me principles about who He is and how He works. In fact, because He is so faithful to do this, I have begun looking forward to each trip in part, for what He will teach me, and what He will allow me to teach others. I anticipate He will teach and I am ready to learn.

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is look for seashells. I LOVE shells and our home attests to that! I comb the shore for daily treasures.

Because the shells were not so plentiful or as large on one trip to the beach, I began looking a different way. I looked closely for even the small shells that were unique and whole. As I bent over looking through some seaweed, something occurred to me…when the shells are not plentiful, I’m not so picky. I learn to see beauty even in the common shells and the very small ones. Even the ones that are not perfect.

One morning as I was looking for “anything” to put in my shell bag, God reminded me that when blessings are common occurrences in my life, and often the blessings are huge as well as close together, I sometimes come to expect that and more on an ongoing basis. Sometimes I don’t even notice the “little blessings” He bestows on me because I’m too busy looking for the big ones!

Now, granted, I love those seasons filled with joys and big answers to prayer, and I thank God for those blessings, but what I found is when the blessings seem slim, or maybe life is even extremely difficult, I thrill to the very small and rare positive happenings. I don’t tend to take them for granted as I might when blessings are constantly showering down on me and everything seems to be going my way.

I learned early on that God teaches me through the tough (slim shelling days) times in life…about Himself, about His faithfulness and His sovereignty. I become more desperate for him in times that are difficult and He always provides all I need…showing off for me time after time.

Are you currently in the midst of a calm or prosperous season and you are seeing blessing after blessing…if so, don’t forget to look for those little blessings along with the big ones that are more obvious. And don’t take this season for granted! If you are in a season of difficulty or apparently few things going the way would like, watch for those small blessings along the way. Celebrate and be grateful for each one. Each little blessing means progress! Find joy in little things that might not even get your attention when the blessings are big and constant.

I know that I miss lots of little jewels along the shore because I am finding such big ones that my eyes don’t even see the smaller ones. I could have easily missed these if it would have been what I normally consider a “good shelling day”!

But look at these beauties! Beauty, whether looking at shells, or life’s blessings, truly is in the eye of the beholder!

Psalm 21:6 written by David, tells us, “ou give him blessings forever; You cheer him with joy in Your presence.” God blesses us continually. Sometimes in huge ways that are obvious and at other times we may have to pay close attention to see them. But they are there! His presence is our greatest blessing of all.

What blessings is God showing you today? They are there! If you are having a hard time answering that, ask God to make you aware of the smallest of blessings and to help you become more aware and thankful of each one. Soon, the days of lots of shells along the shore will appear!

Banner photo by Sean Oulashin on Unsplash

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