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Knowing God’s Will Part 11: Lessons From Experiencing God 

Are you a planner like I am? Do you expect your plans to come to fruition like you thought? Sometimes, I prefer my plan to what God is putting before me. But when God interrupts, He expects me to make the adjustment to His plan. And sometimes His plan is much harder than mine!

If you’ve been following this Knowing God’s Will series, you should see a pattern. If not, please start at Part 1 for clarification.

After facing the crisis of belief alongside God’s invitation to join Him in His work, the ball rolls from God’s court to ours. The first 5 realities begin with “God” and His work in and around us.

With Reality 6 we have a decision to make. Are we willing to make adjustments in our lives to carry out His will? Consider this: disobedience is a choice, and, in the long run, it costs more than obedience! 

Have you obeyed God’s directive and life got harder, not easier? When my husband and I surrendered to ministry, whatever that would mean, life got difficult in not one, but many ways. It caused us to question God’s call and invitation to work with Him in full time vocational ministry. But we chose to obey what we heard God say.

The statement that follows captured my heart when I first went through Experiencing God.

After hearing God’s plan and facing doubts, Moses first had to believe God could do what He said. Then he had to adjust his life to follow that plan. He had to leave the desert home where he had been shepherding sheep to go back and face Pharaoh. 

We, too, have turning points in accepting God’s invitation to join Him in His work: we must believe He can do what He said through us, and we have to make major adjustments to move forward. When the Lord called me to serve in a denominational role at LifeWay, I had to hear the invitation, believe God could do through me what He said, and relocate to a different state. I didn’t have the educational requirements needed, but I’d heard God’s voice, made adjustments and went anyway. I knew I couldn’t accomplish the job, but I knew God could. And though some seasons were terribly difficult, He faithfully led through 22 years of service there.

What adjustments are you facing today to follow God’s invitation? Watch next week for more on reality 6.

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