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Marriage Thoughts Part 2

Be sure to read back to see part 1 before reading this second post. This continues my encouragement to a young bride, things I wish I’d known when I married.

3. Remember, your first ministry is your family. Serve your spouse without grumbling when you’d rather do something else! This is still something I am praying to achieve: being grateful I have to close his dresser drawers AGAIN for the 5th time today. Doing it is one thing, doing it with gratefulness instead of resentment is another! If you have children, they too are your first ministry, but do not place your children ahead of your spouse. One day, Lord willing, the children will grow up and leave…then it’s back to just you two. Nurture that relationship so it will be a marvelous season of life!

4. Even though you may think your spouse is all you need in your life, be committed to the body of Christ. Find a Bible teaching church home where you can grow and serve. You will need love, encouragement, accountability, prayer and support from your Christian community to grow in your marriage relationship as well as your walk with Christ. Connect with other couples in the early days of the marriage experience. Also find a wise older mentor couple who can be a sounding board for you. Ask them to go to dinner with you and find out how they have stayed married a long time. Be open to learning from their experience.

5. MOST IMPORTANT: Love Jesus first and foremost, then your spouse. I didn’t understand that when Pat and I married. I just knew I loved this man more than I thought I could ever love anyone! To love your spouse, or anyone else, well, you must love Jesus most. Look only to Him to be your savior and don’t lay that responsibility on your spouse.

“Love the Lord your God with all heart, soul, mind and strength”…then you can love him and others as you love yourself. God has an amazing story for your marriage. Walk closely to Jesus so you can walk closely with your husband.

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I wish I’d known these things before I married and I’m still working on them after almost 52 years of marriage. It’s never too late to learn new things in marriage! 

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