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Delayed Gratitude

This week, I want to rejoice in a 3 year delay in celebrating our 50th anniversary on a cruise. We planned this cruise for 2021, but ships weren’t sailing at that time due to COVID. Our 50th was celebrated, just not as we had planned! We actually discovered a new favorite beach on Captiva Island, Florida that year!

This year, for our 53rd anniversary, we made the cruise with several of our friends and had the best time. For me anticipation is half the fun! I love to plan ahead and wait for something to happen.

But, I must say, the week we were to leave, a major winter storm hit across the country, including Tennessee. It was very stressful trying to get ready as we prayed the flights would work to get us on board! I wondered if there would be another cruise delay because of it! Really? But, we did make it! Thank you Lord!

The point of this post is to discuss delayed gratitude. Gratitude when your plans do not pan out as you want. Perhaps they don’t ever happen, even after a delay. Gratitude anyway, in spite of unfulfilled plans, because of all that God has done for us even with this disappointment.

I’ve been on a gratitude learning train now for months. You can read Gratitude in All Things, Thanksgiving Blessings  and Looking Back, Looking Forward, Living Today .

Getting to make this trip, delayed as it was by 3 years, made it even sweeter, although until we left port, I was not totally sure that we were going to get to go! I wonder if sometimes, God holds off something we desire to change us, make us hunger more for something we want, or just a place God has us to show us who He is to grow our faith. 

I know this: waiting longer than we’d planned made this even more special as we celebrated 53 years of marriage over a fabulous dinner, sitting by friends we do life together with, in the middle of the ocean. Extra gratitude included.

When I don’t get to accomplish my plans, or if my answer to prayer is delayed, or doesn’t happen this side of heaven, I want to have gratitude in my heart for the closeness of Jesus, His unexplainable peace, and His salvation. 

Jesus, I admit I want my way as my own desires creep up over your plans at times. I struggle with disappointment when there are delays in prayers. Forgive my impatience that interferes with your perfect timing and purpose throughout my life. With my eyes on eternity and a heart of gratitude for who you are and all you have done, and continue to do, may my heart rest in you with thanksgiving!

Banner photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

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