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Looking Toward the End

For me January is filled with lots of  reflecting and anticipating. You probably noticed this from my previous 2 posts! Look back to the two earlier posts this year! As I was finishing up the study The Wonder of Advent in December and looking into the second coming of Christ as we read Revelation 20, a new connection was made for me regarding our struggles and Christ’s coming back one day. 

The study of God’s Word continues to show me new ways to understand who He is, how He works, and how He works through us! This is why we NEVER stop studying scripture! Maybe you needed to read that today! 

I can truly rest in the hope of a new heaven and earth for eternity, but I’d never thought of something the author mentioned in day 5, week 3: Christ’s kingdom is coming, and He is using chaos and conflict to equip us to reign with Him. When we view our trials as a training ground, we can celebrate that our “momentary light affliction is producing for us an absolutely incomparable eternal weight of glory,” 2 Corinthians 4:17-18.

I understand that trials equip us for life on earth and take us deeper in our faith as we trust Him in those trials. I also understand we will reign with Jesus when He returns, but I hadn’t considered that trials also equip us to reign.

As much as you looked forward to celebrating Jesus’ coming this past Christmas and the new year, I pray this post helps you also consider His second coming as well. 

Blessings and Happy New Year!!

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