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Who Said It Would Be Easy?

When my husband and I surrendered to ministry, our lives became harder than ever before. Everything started breaking, including cars, furniture and appliances—big stuff on a very limited budget. 

We began to question whether or not God really called us to full time ministry. Shouldn’t it be easy to follow Jesus, especially since we were committing our family and vocations to His work? 

We only have to read the book of Job to answer “no” to the title question. In reading Disappointment With God by Philip Yancey I was stunned as he reminded us God never told Job what was happening behind the scenes.

Job never knew about the bet Satan made with God: Job only loves God because everything in His life was going well. God knew better. He knew Job would never denounce who God was even if he did question what He was doing.

We had to decide if we had heard from God, or if we’d misunderstood the ministry call. As we went to God and prayed for clarity, we knew we had heard correctly and that we must continue walking that direction until the Lord revealed something different.

Job never knew how God trusted him in the midst of so much loss, pain and doubt. He never knew about the bet that God agreed to in this testing experience. Job claimed: Even if he kills me, I will hope in him. (Job 13:15a CSB)

Instead of giving him the reason for this testing, God ask him questions to reveal who God really is. This left Job stunned and repentant. 

Hebrews 11:1 says, Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen. Will you trust Jesus as you face pain, loss, and doubt? Will God say, “I knew you wouldn’t walk away from your faith?” 

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Be honest and cry out to Him, even ask Him what He is doing. But trust Him to know the details and whys, even if you never do. 

*First published on encouraging.com.

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