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Blogs For You!

Often I run across some really relevant blog posts that I like to share with my readers. Today is one of those days!

1. Consider who is speaking into your life as you read Who is Influencing You? from LifeWay Voices and Rachel Sinclair.

2. In seasons like we have been through and continue in right now, hope is sometimes hard to find. This is a great post on ways to recover and keep hope alive. 6 Ways to Preserve Your Hope in 2021 by LifeWay Voices and Yvonne Faith Russell .

Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash

3. Our churches want to grow and continue to reach the younger generations. They are leaving the church in big numbers. Read this post to see what’s working. 10 Characteristics of Churches That Keep Young Adults from LifeWay Research and Aaron Earls

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

4. Discipleship has been my heart in ministry for 40+ years. Read this post on developing a community of discipleship. 9 Steps to Unite a Discipleship Community from LifeWay Research and Andrew Hudson.

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