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Formed, Forgiven and Never Forgotten

I recently re-read what may be for some a somewhat obscure passage in the Old Testament. It was for me, but I saw something that warmed my heart as I saw the connection between the Old and New Testament, between Israel and us. 

Isaiah was prophesying what God told him to say to Israel. He would deliver this rebellious nation from their enemies. He’d made a covenant with Abraham and He would not break it, no matter what they did. 

The section that stood out to me in Isaiah 44, that I found so comforting, for Israel, and for myself, was in verses 21-23:

This reminds them God created them. He created them serve Him. He would be with them even in their sin. He would save them if they would repent and turn to Him. And, He would never forget them. 

This is true for us as Christ followers. He forms, forgives, and never forgets us…EVER. Throughout the Old Testament we see a “remnant” of God’s followers who would live through the hardest circumstances and the greatest sins. These would come back to God time and again and receive forgiveness. 

I don’t know about you, but that warms my heart with such assurance. On the hardest days, in greatest losses and sins, and among the cruelest enemies, this holds true for me, and for you. 

In the midst of the war in Israel right now, my prayer is that the people will bow before a holy God to find refuge in Him alone. Let’s pray for people to turn to Jesus, find refuge physically and spiritually, and one day walk into eternity. Let’s pray that for people everywhere. 

Let’s also praise Jesus he is our refuge, every single day.

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