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Yes, again. But I’ve read it multiple times, why again?

I just started my 5th D-Group. Each group has lasted a year to a year and a half. Each group reads through the Bible chronologically using Foundations:  F-260, New Testament 260, Old Testament 260 or The Bible in a Year. This new group This is using The Bible in a Year by Kandi Gallaty.

And guess what, each time we begin in the beginning because, well, chronologically, it teaches about the beginning of time!  I know, not a shock to you who know scripture! (insert smile here)

 So, this week I’m reading through part of Genesis and Job. What in the world can I learn that is new to me? A lot! No matter how many times I read it, I find something new, or a deeper meaning of a passage, than I remembered or maybe even ever knew.

Here are some “new” thoughts I journaled this week:

In the day 1 reading of Genesis 1-2, what stood out was the issue of nakedness and shame.

Both the man and his wife were naked, yet felt no shame.

Genesis 2:25

After God shaped the woman from the man’s rib, they found themselves in a perfect place to live and a perfect relationship with each other and with God. Sin had yet to enter this new creation. The thing that spoke to me is seeing how early after creation, without sin, there is no shame…none at all of any kind. Although we know this will not last long, it’s a picture of what happens this side of the cross when we surrender to Jesus in salvation. The perfect relationship has been restored through what He did on the cross. 

But, because we still live on this earth, sin still exists in our hearts. When we deliberately or unintentionally sin, that close relationship with Jesus is hindered, not regarding salvation, but regarding intimacy. Just like we hid from our parents when, as children, we sinned and disobeyed them, we struggle to go to Jesus unless we are willing to confess our sin, turn away from it, and ask Him to show us how to resist our tendency toward disobedience. When we do, intimacy is restored. Similarly, our relationship with our parents was closer once more when we asked them to forgive us for our disobedience.

No sin, no shame. That’s what Jesus has done for us each time we repent (daily for me) for the things we think, say, and do that are contrary to God’s Word. And the thing is, the more we read the Bible, the more we see who He is in holiness, and the more quickly we are aware of falling short of that holiness. 

So, yes, reading Genesis again has spoken in a new way to me regarding the connection between shame and sin. Keep reading, even on days when you don’t “feel” like it. You will never regret saturating your heart and mind in the Truth of God’s Word…EVER!

P.S.  On Day 2 God’s Word to me was about Cain (see Genesis 4:6-7) and related to this issue of sin. God knew what was in Cain’s heart from the start, He knew the human heart is bent toward rebellion and disbelief in Him. We can’t hide anything from the Lord!

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