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Sometimes I’ve struggled with how much or how little to share personal as I’ve led. Whether we are using social media, sharing one-on-one or in a group setting, we need to be wise. I’ve always been a pretty transparent person, sharing what is going on in my life as I’ve led. But I also have tried to use discretion, wanting to be sure I didn’t hurt another person by what I shared. I didn’t always get it right. This is a great post by Carey Nieuwhof you must read: The Fine Line Between Oversharing and Undershare as a Leader.

LifeWay Research provides many helpful posts for leaders. This one refers to how we work with volunteers. Take a look at 4 Steps to Train New Volunteers. Sign up for their newsletter!

I am recommending a podcast for small group leaders: Group Answers Episode 242: Agree or Disagree With Group Trends. I think you will find this interesting and helpful as you lead your groups.

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I pray these help you as you serve Jesus in and through your church!

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