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Helpful Blogs for Current Times

The church, and people of faith, are seeking to share the hope of Christ in a world that seems to be falling apart. People leaving their faith, sometimes in later years of life, violence occurring every day, hopelessness on every corner. It’s tough to lead when we feel overwhelmed. I pray these blogs will encourage and challenge you to endure in the place the Lord has called you to serve.

1 You have heard much about what women in the church need today. Here are some key issues that must be in place to reach and disciple women effectively. Check out What the Church Must Provide Women in Today’s Culture from LifeWay Research, by Jen Oshman.

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2 Perhaps you have heard about young people deconstructing their faith today, searching for meaning in life. I love to share articles and podcasts by Carey Nieuwhof so here’s another one: Five Real Reasons Young People Are Deconstructing Their Faith.


Here is another helpful article from LifeWay Research. Randy Newman gives ideas to help people talk with others about Christ in How to Train People for Spiritual Conversations.

Happy reading!

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