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Leadership Challenge Blog Share

As I’ve served in various capacities over the years, mostly in the area of women’s ministry, I’ve wanted to continue to grow as a leader, spiritually, relationally, and practically. Often that has included different types of assessments. Today’s blog share is to help you assess where you are, and see were you need to grow as you lead. And ALL women lead! Check out these posts.

1 Be honest as you read 9 Everyday Situations That Say More About Your Character Than You Think by Carey Neiuwhof.

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2 I don’t know about you, but listening is not one of my greater strengths! Check out How To Listen as a Leader by Kelly King at LifeWay Women.

3 Check out this post from Dan Reiland, 7 Signs of True Strength in a Leader. Some great ideas for us to consider.

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Ask the Lord to help you grow as a servant leader as you serve Him!

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