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Yes, More Great Blogs!

As you know, if you have read my posts before, I love to share what I’m reading that I have found helpful. Today I share several I believe you will find helpful. (By the way, this banner photo reminds me, warmer weather will come! I am seeking to be grateful for the cold weather and dead looking trees during this winter, but I always look forward to the spring days when I see new leaves beginning to break out onto those trees again!)

1 I love reading about leadership and one of my fav bloggers is Carey Nieuwhof, so I am sharing a great post he write that I believe you will find worth reading and consider the implications he writes about in 5 Signs I Need To Put On My Desk (And You Might Too)

2 I also read LifeWay Voices and highly recommend you follow this as well. Here is 9 Spiritually Impactful Reads that will help you decide which books might be worth adding to your library.

3 And take a look at Take Heart: When God Doesn’t Feel Near from LifeWay Women. All of us have felt alone at some point, but we know He is near even when our emotions don’t match what we know!

Happy reading!!

Banner photo by Perfecto Capucine on Unsplash

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