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I Remember

I LOVE this song by Lauren Daigle, Remember. Such a testimony of the faithfulness of who God is and what He has done for us.

On this blog site, I have shared previously about how I’ve had quite a bit of history with the Lord (mainly due to my age!). I’ve known Him since I was a pre-teen, but didn’t really know how to GROW in Him as a disciple until I was in my early 20’s and facing my first major life challenge…infertility. It was then I learned to stop seeking MY purpose and to seek HIS purpose for my life. (You can read more in these posts: What’s Your StoryYour Memorial StonesThe Next Step, and Contentment Part 2.

For many years now, I’ve watched His faithfulness through many other major life challenges…both big and small.

Just this September, I faced a challenge to doing something MY way or HIS. I was scheduled to speak on the topic of connecting the generations to a church in Miami, mostly Spanish speaking women. I had understood that those who didn’t speak English well would be hearing the translation through headsets so that it was simultaneous with my speaking. Having three 45 minute sessions, I prepared to share extra information than I normally do for a single workshop. A few minutes before I began the first session, I asked the sweet translator where she would be as she translated. She said, “standing right next to you.” I was a bit surprised and then discovered she was not speaking into headsets simultaneously, but translating each phrase I spoke!

My first instinct was…that won’t work! I’ve prepared to much material to make that happen. My mind was moving so fast, and I was on the verge of panic, when I felt God speak something to me that I said out loud to her…”You know, I’m not sure how this is going to work, but God is NOT surprised by this…He knew this already…so it’s not His job to adjust me. I need to adjust to His plan!”

Praying silently, I asked Him how He wanted me to handle this, what He wanted me to say. How much to cover. I sensed the Spirit saying, “They don’t need all that extra material. Go back to thinking workshop, not 3 part retreat.”

All of a sudden, I remembered…He has NEVER failed, He has always provided what I need in each challenge, even one that was not life-altering. So I could trust Him again. This is the same thing I remembered the last time I faced a life-changing family crisis and a life-changing crisis with a friend. He is always faithful in all situations.

The interesting thing about this whole story is that the days prior to the event, I was on edge for some reason, praying continually for an anointing so that the messages would be a blessing and helpful to these women on how to connect the generations.  Other people were praying for me to have an anointing. I was aware more than ever of how much I needed Him to teach through me. When it all came down, that is why I knew God had prepared me for what I wasn’t expecting and that He would do it. That was my desire, His way for His glory.

As we grow as His disciples, we come to understand 2 Peter 1:3 that says, “His divine power has given us everything required for life and godliness through the knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”

Sister, do you believe that? I wish I could say this is the first response I have in each challenge, each thing that doesn’t go according to my plan, but I would be dishonest. At the same time, as I turn my heart toward Christ, He REMINDS ME. And He provides exactly what I need.

The response of these precious Spanish speaking women let me know that God HAD spoken to them…according to His plan and purpose. If I’d chosen to be upset and try to fit all the information into this time frame my way, I don’t believe the result would have been the same.

What are you facing right now? Are you pushing forward doing it YOUR way, or HIS? I promise you, His is the only way that works the best.


  1. Trust Him
  2. Remember the times in the past He has led you and done a much better job than you could’ve done your way.
  3. Allow Him to carry you and work through you as you obey Him.
  4. Thank Him for providing all that is needed to accomplish His purpose and His glory.


Banner photo by Nicole Harrington on Unsplash

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