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Complete Control

I love studying about God’s sovereignty because it’s truth no matter the situation I’m experiencing. Knowing He is in control over every single thing is where my hope lands, along with His return, and my eternity in His presence.

Elizabeth Woodson has put together a wonderful study overviewing the entire Bible in 8 sessions!  It’s a wonderful and quick way to get the “whole story.” And it will send you back wanting to learn more about the connections the make up this one story of redemption we see in our Bibles.

In the final week we are quickly scanning Revelation and I love what she wrote regarding John’s vision, or “revelation” from God. She mentions that the scroll, which only Jesus is worthy to open, “represents sovereign control over the direction and goal of the history of the world… At some point in the future, God will enact judgment on the rebellion. …So, through this part of his vision, John was reminding them that God saw the suffering and would bring justice and victory! Nothing will thwart the things of God; His plan of kingdom restoration will be fulfilled.

We see the worship surrounding the Savior in this vision. His sovereignty leads us to worship! Now, and certainly then, one day in the future. In the mean time, this is a reminder to me that He also has control not only then, but today, every day. He is never surprised by what is happening as we are. 

Elizabeth talked about how much peace accompanies knowing how the story ends. This is rest for my anxious heart. I hope it is for yours as well.

Banner photo by César Abner Martínez Aguilar on Unsplash

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