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“The Ministry of the Unnoticed”

What did you think when you read this title? It’s not mine. Credit for this title goes to Oswald Chambers. I’ve been reading his devotional, My Utmost for His Highest each night this year…again!

When I read the title at the end of the day on August 21, I kind of hesitated, wondering if I really wanted to read this! But I did, and am so glad. I included it here for you to read as well.

August 21

Notice especially the middle paragraph and this sentence: “If I wonder if I am being of any use to God, I instantly lose the beauty and the freshness of the touch of the Lord.” (As you can see, I made a copy of this devotional to keep handy and read often.)

Now, add to this that I just finished Elisabeth Elliot’s biography of Amy Carmichael, A Chance to Die.

Amy’s life was one of unselfish, sacrificial ministry. She never expected, nor wanted, to be noticed or given a pat on the back for what she considered God simply expected, as she brought the Gospel to the lost. She felt honored to GET to serve Him.

How I wish I could say I never wonder if I’ve served well, shared a biblical truth with a group of women clearly and accurately, or whether anyone noticed how I served in my church. But, I tend to analyze how I did way too often. I must learn to fully trust the Holy Spirit to lead however He desires and give Him the responsibility of accomplishing God’s will through me. That’s not my job.

Why is it so hard to remain unnoticed? What does it take to be willing to serve Christ as He leads, expecting NOTHING?

Jesus addresses this in Luke 17:10 when He teaches His disciples about faith and duty…”In the same way, when you have done all that you were commanded, you should say, ‘We are worthless servants; we’ve only done our duty.’

Our love for Christ should compel us to just “do our duty” not because it’s our “duty” but because of what He has done for us. Our love for Him should just flow back out, in obedience to Him, as we live a life of selfless ministry. As we love people as He loves them and as we choose to be Christ’s servant…even if NO ONE ever notices.

I want to serve in the ministry of the unnoticed. How about you?

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