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God’s Word for You Next Year

First of all, I pray you had a wonderful celebration of Christ’s birth with your friends and family. Now that Christmas Day has ended, let’s think about next year.

I’ve shared before that instead of making new year’s resolutions, I watch for God’s Word specific to me for the year, whether it’s one word or a song or a scripture. In 2018 the word was “selfless” (along with a song He gave me). You can read this post from last year if you’d like. I had no idea how hard it would be to seek to become more selfless! And I have so far to go on this one I think I will continue to focus on that in 2019.

In addition to that word, I believe God has given me Psalm 62:6-7 as verses to cling to this year. I received this scripture card at the LifeWay Women’s Forum in November and was reminded how I loved this verse and have clung to it many times.

The power behind these words represents who God is to me as well as what He does for me daily. And I know that no mater what 2019 holds, HE WILL HOLD ME!

I may still get a theme song for the year so I will continue to seek His direction as I head into and through January. But now it’s YOUR turn. Would you be willing to ask God to clarify a verse, spiritual song or a word that He desires for you to focus on in 2019? And if you are willing, here are a few things to help:

  1. Write down the word or verse or song (print out the words) and put it with your Bible
  2. Look at and pray over this daily in 2019
  3. Be prepared to be tested in the area God is wanting you to grow deeper in.
  4. Share your word with an accountability partner and ask them to check up on how you are doing occasionally.
  5. Give yourself grace if you feel like you are regressing at times in this area! I did too! But keep praying!

Please share your “word” with us in the comments. Let’s pray together that God will teach us more about Himself in 2019. Let’s ask Him to show us how to use our deeper place to minister to others!

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