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Timing is Everything

I often write about waiting, and God’s timing not usually matching mine. But throughout scripture we see evidence that God always has a plan, and His plan is always perfectly timed. 

In Genesis 21, after waiting basically a life time desiring to become a mother, Sarah became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham in his old age, at the appointed time God had told him (Genesis 21:2). The year was perfect for Isaac to be born. The next Israelite patriarch was born and it fit completely into God’s big redemption timeline. 

The timing for Isaiah’s vision of God seated on His throne was specific as well. God was calling Isaiah to be His spokesperson for a specific time in history. It happened the year that King Uzziah died. There was still corruption in Israel and the king, a close friend of Isaiah’s, was no longer reigning. Israel faced an unknown future. Yet, the vision is of God still on His throne asking Isaiah to serve and tell others God’s message. 

Read Isaiah 6:1-8 for this beautiful and awesome experience.

This was the time and place for God to show up, and God showed up, similarly to how He appeared to Moses at the burning bush and Abraham as he was about to slay Isaac. 

Then after 400 years of God’s silence on earth, He spoke again through Jesus. He was born at the appointed time in the appointed location. And His birth has affected all of humanity ever since.

God’s sovereignty is evident throughout history. When a specific time is mentioned in scripture, it’s proof that God knows the day and time for His perfect plan to take place.

Why then do we fail to trust His timetable in our lives when it seems off? Why do we think that as soon as this “thing” happens, life will be great again. I wonder what we miss because we rush this season of waiting instead of seeking the truth Jesus wants us to grasp as we journey through. 

Like Isaiah in chapter 63, we can cry out to God in our confusion and pain, but in the end, we must remember all He has done in the past, and trust Him for all He will do in the future. 

When there’s unmet resolutions we want, seek to embrace His timetable and ask what you can learn from it. Watch how it grows a deeper walk with Christ in the meantime.

Let’s trust His timing as He perfectly executes His plan in our lives and in our world, step by step.

Banner photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash

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