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Peace Over the Storms

Normally, by now, during our extended time at the beach each fall, I’ve had a number of “beach lessons”. Until today (September 14, the day I began this post), this year I’d not had what I consider a beach lesson, although I’ve had lots of balcony Jesus time.

This morning, this was the scene I watched as tropical storm Sally was about  to become hurricane Sally. This is the third coastal hurricane we’ve experienced, but it’s not something we ever look forward to by any means!

Waves were crashing and, yet, I felt safe sitting on the 16th floor balcony of our condo looking down at the churning water. All of a sudden, there was a break in the clouds and blue sky broke through. Look closely in the middle of this photo below. It was more obvious than this picture appears.

Such a reminder of the Lord’s sovereignty over all of it. And such a reminder of how I’ve watched Him work in storms in the past. As I type this I am reading Robert J. Morgan’s The Promise based on Romans 8:28: We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose. WE KNOW…not think, not hope, but KNOW!

I cannot say enough about this author’s books! I have read several and am always blessed and encouraged by his writing! This book fit so well with that blue patch I saw that I know it’s not by accident I started reading it this week.

As of right now, I have no idea what will happen with the hurricane, but I am sure of this: I KNOW I can trust God’s faithfulness and love. He has always shown me how He is above every single storm I have faced. There’s no doubt right now about this one…and the next one…and the next one. I know that I know that I know…He is over it all!

The reason I can say without doubt that I know, is that I’ve experienced Him in  the midst of some heavy rainfall and overwhelming experiences. I’ve felt His peace right smack dab in the middle of trauma, heartache, fear and crisis. Not once has He failed to provide all I needed as I chose to trust Him. So, even with the tropical storm heading our way, I choose to trust Him again and focus on those patches of blue I saw behind the clouds this morning.

I also choose right now to trust Him with my next storm, whatever it might be. There may be moments of fear, pain, grief, and doubt, but as I work though those with Christ, I know I’ll arrive at a place of trust and peace.

Do you need to know that right now? Is there something you are facing, or in the middle of, that appears to be one of fearsome monumental waves? Do you wonder if the Lord hears and sees? I can promise you this…He DOES! Keep looking and you will see blue skies in the middle of your storm.

P.S. Here’s the result of “tropical storm” Sally. She changed direction and intensity and made land at just below a category 3. Because it took everyone by surprise including us, we stayed, not too concerned. By the time we saw what was coming, it was too late to leave. It was one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve ever had as our high rise building shook and swayed, and the wind roared all night until almost noon the next day. I prayed hard for protection for everyone on the Gulf Coast including us. But I KNEW I’d open my eyes in the presence of the Lord if this storm took our lives. I am still processing all this and asking God to please not let me be the same as before. I know there are so many who cannot say the same about eternity with Christ. Lord, make me bolder for you than I’ve ever been.

The next post shares more about what God is teaching me through this experience. See Part 2: MY Cornerstone!, Part 3: More Lessons From Hurricane Sally, and Part 4: I Know I Know!

Banner photo by Matt Hardy on Unsplash


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